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Voyagers Canoe Trips - Spring 2017

Well we completed another Voyagers canoe trip this past Sunday, May 7th. The three day trips usually take a bit out of each of us but this one, in particular was even more exhausting due in part to our perch upon the top side of Government Island.

Government Island is situated in the backwaters of the Tippy Dam waters of the Manistee River, or the "Ministigweyaa" - water with islands in its mouth. The island is 10 acres, wooded and comprised of two sides. A high side and a low side. This made hauling our heavy gear up 30 degee slope a task that builds a hungry man! This and two days of capture the flag had us seeing double and looking for a rest!

The trip this year was the largest, totaling 17 persons. Three young men earned the Voyager Badge this trip, they were Zach Bursley, Darius Jerue and Breylon Cox.

In addition, we had two fund raising champions - Daniel Nicholson, who raised $240.00 and Zeb Swager who raised $40.00 - WOW! Congratulations to all of you young men!

The trip was outfitted by our good friends at Pine River Paddle Sports - Mark & Jake. What a great deal we rec'd from them once again. They are extremely helpful in planning and in execution of the trip. Bravo PRPS!!!

We want to thank each of our sponsors for their contributions to the Voyagers Canoe Trips. Those funds make so many things happen for the group. We could not do this without their generosity. Thank You.

We are only here for a little while. What will we do with the life that had been given us? How will we choose to live this life?

No matter how we choose, we all end up at the same place. The time is short, so why not choose to live a life free of troubles? We can do this through making a conscious decision to rise and shine each day, and plan to share that brightness with everyone we see. A smile, a hand shake, or an encouraging word does wonders for us and others too! Living according to this manner will only add blessing to us in a world making no promises. When life happens, we will always have a ready group of supporters standing there around us.

Live for others and be the best you can be today!

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