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The Bible & Careless Drivers?

When we were growing up, there was little question about the fact us boys were what some might consider wild. Others, merely considered us normal, .and I personally like the normal, but we did get a bit wild at times.

Whether it was flying down the highway on three wheelers, dune buggies or cars, it was characteristic that we'd find their limitations one way or the other. - just give us time Of course, this led to the occasional tow truck, ticket or crash. Hard lessons learned...

Looking back over the years, I am now able to see how those characteristics, influenced by those around us, always came with a price tag. Bald tires, dents, scratches or worse, an overhaul - there was indeed a price to pay for drag racing down 28th street. Sometimes, the price included a surprise, and in the spirit of bad news, which never comes in season - you'd spin a bearing out on the highway somewhere - knowing full well the cost was going to be high.

One of the early cars purchased was a 1975 Ford sedan. It was previously owned by an elderly woman who obviously took good care of the car. It had nice paint, interior, new tires and only 64,000 miles - like new! It was this same car however, that just a few short years later would be driven into the salvage yard and promptly called "the worst car he had ever seen driven in..."

Our lives are really similar. Some of us start out taking it easy, careful and follow all of the rules - obediently. Those type of people understand the value of proper use or maintenance, and the return it will provide for them down the road. Others however, begin smoking the tires from day one, and keep their foot on the throttle every step of the way.

It is true, the way we live our lives will reflect how our lives end. Just like a sedan all smashed up, looking like a road hazard - it is evident to all what type of life the car lived. Equally, when we see a 1955 Chevy at the car show, with 20,000 actual miles, we are able to ascertain it was cared for all those years - cherished, protected.

The Bible interestingly enough fits in here. You see, whether you were the careful sort, or the reckless daredevil, we all get dings and dents in life, and we need regular maintenance and the help of a mechanic or body-man from time to time. The scriptures might be viewed as a 'fix-it' book for all those maintenance needs, or those ugly scratches, dents & engine failures. The Bible, read cover to cover focuses on problems & solutions - as every story in it carries a tale of dysfunction. No matter what problem ales you, you're not alone, and not without help - regardless of how you got there. Maybe its time to get a checkup, and see what needs maintenance in your life...could end up getting you further down the road.

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