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Wounds From A Friend

Have you even had someone on the street, or perhaps in a car get upset with you? How did it feel when they shared their criticism? Equally, how does it feel when someone close to us criticizes us? It is not always the same, at least not in the same way. When we receive a criticism from a friend or loved one, we may not like it, we may even retaliate, but later we often reflect on what it was they said, and begin to consider their motives. I am not going to say that all criticisms are great, but many are, and are needed.

A friend is a name that gets used and abused today, but truthfully, a friend is, by the true definition, is born for adversity. This means a true friend is in the relationship for the long haul. No matter what happens, they'll never give up.

So when a friend criticizes, and remember, a true friend, we should listen and consider their motives. Many times it takes courage to say something to another, and when it is done, it does not always feel good. The fact is though, we all need that extra set of eyes. Its called accountability and getting through life is dependent on this friend being close by our sides. They help us, and we help them. They see our blindspots, and they look out for out best interest, even when we do not want them to. So aren't you glad that wounds from a friend can be trusted?

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