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The Uniform of the Christian Part II

In the last post, we spoke about the Armor of God and the importance it has on our ability to stand fast against the devil. Equally, we spoke about how the military view, historically on the subject, and how even the slightest deviance from protocol could have a severe impact on the offender. The military, the world's oldest form of organization, demands discipline and that one works for the good of all.

During Christ life on Earth, the Roman Army was the strongest in the world (spanning 12 centuries). The Roman Army managed this through developing fighting techniques that were linked to a ferocious training regime. All new recruits to the army became very fit and disciplined. Training was harsh, as were punishments for failure.

In a battle, new recruits were always placed at the front of the more experienced soldiers in the army. There were three reasons for this. First, this provided confidence as behind them were experienced soldiers who had fought in battles before. Secondly, it stopped the new soldiers running away if their courage deserted them. And third, soldiers who were more likely to be killed in the initial phase of a battle were at the front. The hardened and experienced legionnaires were at the rear. The Roman Army could ill afford to lose experienced legionnaires whereas, if a new legionnaire came through a battle alive, he would be experienced and a valuable addition to the army.

In Christ's army, similar to that of the Roman army of His day, we are required to follow the same protocols. We are required to drill and train daily (reading-prayer-encouragement), so that our spiritual body is fit to do the will of Christ, sharing the gospel and making fisher's of men (new recruits). Equally, we are to maintain order so that we do not lose our influence with others and so deny the Gospel.

Lastly, we should be reminded that when we claim Christ, we must also follow His directions. We must stand fast, the hold the ground (truth) He has claimed, showing love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness in all that we do. Additionally we must be accountable to one another and not forsake the gathering (training) with other Christians. This means that if we cannot or do not live our lives in this manner, we should not be wearing the uniform of Christ. We should be careful to consider that when we live with anger or malice, we are essentially forgoing the training or the wearing of the helmet, breastplate or sword. This will not due when we are under attack from the devil.

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